Sansei R&D [CR Garo – Makai no Hana XX]

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July.1.2015 20:20 桜


On 19th August 2015, Sansei R&D Co. Ltd. had announced the new machine, CR Garo Makai no Hana XX in a press conference held at The Garden Hall, Ebisu.


The Press Conference began with the Asa Garo that only limited for morning which had mounted in the new machine CR Garo Makai no Hana XX. First of all, Sansei R&D Co. Ltd.’s Executive Officer, Sales Director Mr. Kazuma Hasegawa gave a greeting and enthusiasm speech on the conference stage; he said that “As everyone knew that Sansei R&D and GARO are inseparable. Sansei is GARO, it is said to be the core machine of Sansei. About 10 years ago, our company had encountered with GARO after Tohokushinsha Film Corporation lend us their Copyright. As a machine, it is always been challenging. Usually, it went fading whenever a series of the year was in needs to be issued out or it is normal to have a good result for the first generation to be reversed back. However, only GARO will moves higher and higher whenever it issued. With this means, I would like to announced that CR GARO Makai no Hana XX, as a adoption same with Kin’iro ni Nare but if you did see through it, it is more refined than the Kin’iro ni Nare. We, GARO, will continue evolving. Sansei R&D will continue be challenging as always.”


Masei Nakayama casted as Raiga Saezima and Atomu Mizuishi as the Crow, after their appearance on the stage, they role-played the GARO and Crow’s Final stage Fighting Scene.


The Headquarters of Development and Production, Executive Producer Mr. Koji Yamashita, Mr. Nakayama and Mr. Mizuishi had introduced the model of the machine. Mr. Yamashita committed that after this 7 years, he was glad that the sixth version is able to be announced since the first Generation of GARO 2008 had been released. He also said that the Kin’iro ni Nare that had been brought out in 7 years ago, until now, it is still well operated by many halls. The positive expectations from most of the players and halls for this launch had made them feel proud, as he adds on.


During the talking session, Miss Zawachin showed up with her amazing imitation makeup of Biku (Casted by Miss Sayaka Akimoto). On the stage, she shared her value points on this time’s imitation, and her thoughts for getting the chance to imitating Biku. Mr. Mizuishi told us that the fascination of the Garo Makai no Hana Drama is mostly jammed the CR Garo Makai no Hana XX. He continued, “I hope that every drama fans or pachinko fans, including every halls in nationally worldwide will be happily enjoy it.” Follow by Mr. Nakayama’s speech. Until so far, presenting the CR Garo Series which had made everyone enjoyed, that is what the making is meant for. For those who have not watched the Garo Makai no Hana’s Drama series, the drama has been released on Blu-ray and DVD. You could watch it through Blu-ray or DVD, top of that; you will be more enjoyable to play the Pachinko if you do so. It will be very surprise when you are so lucky to found me sitting next to you playing too! Said Mr. Nakayama. Be sure that you will come and have fun! For Miss Zawachin, she thinks that this new version is higher level compare to the previous one and is suited for female players too. One of the fascinating parts of it is that, “the longer time you play, the more you can’t give up”.


At last, Miss Nana Oshima had joined on the stage revealed as a new Sansei Girls. According to Miss Shiori, she was surprised by the “Perfect face of Garo” from the previous game. However, the “Final face of Garo” and “Lightning Face of Garo” had been newly evolved back to the games which make it much more fascinating. This Garo is said to be the best. Also, the former soul (Horror) is powered up once again that makes this game more enchanting. “Why won’t us, the Sansei Girls also support it too?” said Miss Shiori. With all appeals done, press conference had hold till the end.

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