Fujishoji Co., Ltd. “CR Hell Girl 2 Hell Festival of Kikuri” Press Conference

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January.26.2016 13:08 桜


On 22nd December 2015, Fujishoji Co., Ltd. had held a press conference of their new machine CR Hell Girl 2 – Hell Festival of Kikuri at Bellesalle Akihabara.

During the press conference, the Deputy General Manager of Sales Division, Mr. Nakamura Toshiyuki said that CR Hell Girl 2 is different compare with the previous version of Hell Girl. The new machine is based on the Festival Theme which gave you a feeling of crowded and fun worldview. The different kind of worldview and new specifications would bring joy and excitement during the play.


Nagoya Development Division Director, Mr. Takashi Sakakibara had given an explanation speech on the specification and type of the machine. He consider that this new machine as a special edition for the Hell Girl Series. This new machine will bring a different kind of excitement experiences to our player as he said. Furthermore, Hell Girl 2 itself has a certain level of reputation and they hope that this new machine will comes out more good reviews.


As of the model name, this game is staged in the theme of festival, which Kikuri is actively playing her role in the game bring the heat and excitement up high during the festival. About the Specs, after Jackpot had ends it will rush into additional Jackpot mode, the Heartbeat Stage with 8 or 16 turns. The Festival Rush Continuation Rate is about 90%. This game is easy to play and you will have lot of fun for non-stop jackpot part.

The specifications of this machine: the Jackpot probability is 1/69; Festival Rush Continuation Rate is about 90%, Jackpot Dedama of about 120, 180, 540, or 960 balls.

The Roadshow is schedule to launch on early of February 2016.


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