OK. Co., Ltd. has announced a new machine type called Pachinko Avengers.

日本のイメージ パチンコのイメージ

November.1.2016 15:32 桜

“Avengers” is the Dream Team formed by superheroes, who are well-known characters in the MARVEL COMICS. Avengers, the movie based on Marvel Comics got an unprecedented smash hit record worldwide.
“Pachinko Avengers” is tied up with the science fiction action masterpiece filmed in 2012.We can enjoy the rich action and powerful movie scene performed by Captain America, Iron Man, Mighty Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye.
We can enjoy “Avengers Rush in JAPAN” which is the original production of their great performance taking place in Japan.
The Jackpot probability of this machine is 1/319.7
Rate to enter Avengers Rush is 51% and average RUSH Continuation Rate is about 80%.