OLYMPIA [Sengoku Otome 2 – Sinryoku ni Kagayaku Kedakaki Syousei] Exhibition

日本のイメージ パチンコのイメージ

December.25.2015 16:03 桜


On 25th November 2015, Heiwa Corporation has held an exhibition of a new pachislot machine of “Sengoku Otome 2 -sinryoku ni kagayaku kedakaki syousei- made by OLYMPIA at Tokyo Branch Showroom.


The newest products of the series of Sengoku Otome known as “Sengoku Otome 2 -sinryoku ni kagayaku kedakaki syousei-, has net increase of 2.9 pieces, two type of emulation BONUS known as “Shin Otome BONUS” of AT70G and “Otome BONUS” of AT30G is mounted onto the new machine. If player gets bonus during BONUS rounds, The previous stocked Bonus will be promoted to “tuyo kawa Chance” Rush trigger on will rush again. If do not have stocked Bonus and if had win over the battle with Kishin, you will get the BONUS Continuation attack type Rush.


New additional specification added on [CR Lupin the Third, I’m a super hero] turn out as [CR Lupin the Third, I’m a super hero – Fujiko ni Omakase] has been announced during the exhibition.


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