SANKYO [Fever Aquarion EVOL] Press Conference

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November.24.2015 21:57 桜

SANKYO [Fever Aquarion EVOL] Press Conference
Sankyo Co., Ltd, had announced a new machine [Fever Aquarion EVOL].

On 2012, Genesis of Aquarion’s series had been released and broadcast in anime named Aquarion EVOL. On 2007, Sankyo had also announced the Fever Genesis Aquarion’s machine series called Fever Aquarion EVOL.

This machine type, with the fusion of the same series of well-known character will boost the expectation rate to above 40% with addition of Hot Reach. The pattern set total of 16R Jackpot. Sums up of the finishing of Jackpot, the shorten time of 100 rounds and the machine specification is easy to understand and can play relaxingly.

The Jackpot probability of this machine is 1/319.7, probability variation rush rate of 60%, The Jackpot Dedama has about 1680 of Fever Aquarion EVOL Type 319 balls. In the meanwhile, if you get probability variation rush rate of 51% then the Jackpot Dedama can get 1344 Fever Aquarion EVOL Type 245 balls.